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Our first water project just broke ground!

We are very excited to share some great news! Our very first water project got underway today. We are fully funding the drilling of a well and a water purification system for a primary school in the small village of Kherdi in Gujarat, India.

The school has been limited to maybe 1 to 2 hours of running water per day which they use for everything - drinking, cooking, cleaning, and bathrooms. Now with this well water, they will have 24x7 clean running water! This will dramatically change the lives of every child, teacher, and parent that's associated with the school. As this is the only primary school in the area, I'm sure this will have a positive impact on the entire village.

Below is a photo of the well drilling equipment arriving at the school.

Thank you to everyone who has so generously contributed to this cause. We will update you with photos and other information as this project comes to completion. This is just one of many such project we plan to fund going forward.

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